Marching Band MP3s (right click and "save as" to your computer)

The A-Team
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Lips are Moving
Rock You Like a Hurricane
Uptown Funk
We are the Champions
We Built This City
We Will Rock You
Bohemian Rhapsody

Percussion feature insert practice

Percussion Feature Mallet practice mp3 files

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Please note - eact mp3 file has 4 beats of clicks before the actual start of the song.

FULL MALLETS (fast version)

FULL MALLETS (slow version)

BELLS (fast version)

BELLS (slow version)

XYLOPHONE 1 (fast version)

XYLOPHONE 1 (SLOW version)

XYLOPHONE 2 (fast version)

XYLOPHONE 2 (SLOW version)

MARIMBA 1 (fast version)

MARIMBA 1 (SLOW version)

MARIMBA 2 (fast version)

MARIMBA 2 (SLOW version)


Mallet Ensemble:

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Thriller - full version - fast

Thriller - full version - slow

Xylo 1 Printed part
Xylo 1 mp3 - Fast
Xylo 1 mp3 - slow

Xylo 2 Printed part
Xylo 2 mp3 - Fast
Xylo 2 mp3 - slow

Marimba 1 Printed part
Marimba 1 mp3 - Fast
Marimba 1 mp3 - slow

Marimba 2 Printed part
Marimba 2 mp3 - fast
Marimba 2 mp3 - slow

Drum Set Printed part

Score Printed part